We do! They must be leashed, stay on the path, be good with kids and other dogs ( kids want to pet every dog they see and we have a couple little bossy Chihuahuas as Park security ),  any droppings must be removed from the path or where folks walk.  

Hmmm let me see if I can answer this adequetly.

The Park is all gravel pathways, some small sections are paved where we have filled in holes.  We hope to eventually get it all paved when we have the resources.  We have had strollers and others in wheelchairs make it, there are no steps  really, but it all is outdoors so there is the odd rock and root.  Strollers and the wheelchairs with the outdoor tread seem to do the best.  The one spot going downhill from where the Suchomimus is might be a bit tight, but you circumnavigate that hill by going to the picnic area and back towards the T-Rex. Let me know if I can be of any more help!

That's great! We will be open 9am-dark, weather isn't an issue for us to be open, though do take it into consideration as about 90% of the Park is outdoors.

Let's see,  in a similar vein to us there is Hand's On ! Regional Museum : http://handsonmuseum.org/ The Grey Fossil Site : http://gfsm.handsonmuseum.org/  Also a plethora of caves and caverns in the area that are really cool.

Restaurants,   Pizza Inn in Elzabethton is a great Buffet style place at an affordable price about 10-15 minutes from us.  There is also a great little Mexican place in Piney Flats a bit closer called Los Jalapenos.  Also in Piney Flats is a KFC, Giovanni's Italian, and of course McDonald's and Burger King.  These are about 8-10 minutes from us.

You may wish to stay in Johnson City, our Park is out in the country.  I would recommend The Doubletree by Hilton, it has an indoor and outdoor pool.  There is also the Carnegie Hotel.  For something a bit less in price but still good for a night's sleep I would try Red Roof Inn, Econo Lodge or the Woodspring Suites.  All of these are about a half hour from us but closer to the other attractions mentioned.